How to Start a Herb Garden

What herbs should I plant?

The first step is knowing about your herbs. Studying herbs and their uses can help you decide which herbs you will have the most use for, and which ones you should plant in your garden.

There are plenty of popular herbs you can choose from. Though season and climate do have to be taken into consideration for certain herbs, you will find that you can plant almost any herb wherever you are.

Herbs growing in pots.

How should I design my herb garden?

Next to consider is design. Some expert gardeners have moved on to creating elaborate herb garden designs. Other gardeners choose to employ more modest designs or to have smaller forms of herb gardens.

The great thing about herb gardening is that it doesn’t matter how you design your garden. It’s all about enjoying your garden, even if it means a garden of three plants.

There are some designs that are optimal for beginner gardeners though, and it is worth checking out some designs in case you would like to add a bit of flare to your garden.

Prepare the soil

Like all hobbies, herb gardening does have its preparation side, and this usually involves getting your soil ready for planting season. Making sure your seeds or plants are placed in good soil is a great start to caring for your herb garden.

Care for your herb garden

Unlike other hobbies, herb gardening is very forgiving, and you don’t have to be an expert at it to make it work. In fact, you can not have picked up any herb till now and still make your garden grow beautifully. That’s because herb garden care is pretty easy, and very basic. Once your herbs have established roots, you can pretty much leave the work to them!

Companion planting

Apart from care, companion planting in your herb garden, or planting herbs along with other herbs and vegetables is something you can consider as you hone your gardening skills.

Companion planting can serve as natural fertilizer, pest control, and can make other plants grow better. When you become really serious, you can consider creating your own little greenhouse which will give you fresh herbs all year round, though there are methods for storing herbs that will keep them fresh in your refrigerator for quite some time.

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